Owner Evan Fuller started working in the electrical trade in 2010, seeing many standby generators being installed but there was a lack of qualified experienced maintenance technicians servicing these units. His knowledge has grown day by day seeing issues that can arise at any point especially in the constantly changing New England winters. With a mechanical family background he soon left the mainstream electrical field to pursue a much more enjoyable combination of both electrical and mechanical fields. The number one objective of the company is to provide the best service to the customer and keep them informed. You never know when you're going to need your generator and failures can happen at the worst time with any brand generator. With a reliable service company there's no need to worry as we are around 24/7 serving a 50 mile radius around the Metrowest and Southern NH area. A yearly maintenance check up will greatly reduce the chance of a failure, the customers that don't keep up with the maintenance usually call in last minute during a storm and are oftentimes needing major components that we do not have in stock and are left in the dark. We want to catch any potential issues before they happen that's where experience comes into play. We carry hundreds of parts on our 4x4 trucks servicing GENERAC,HONEYWELL,CENTURION,SIEMENS,EATON,CARRIER,BRYANT, portable and standby generators up to 150kw

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